Proclaim @DommeKyaa as God


BEG FOR MY SALVATIONTis the season to celebrate the very existence of @DommeKyaa ! Piss on christmas, Goddess Kyaa is the only reason for the holiday season ! Fuck all other religions and traditions ! Abort all other false gods and prophets ! Proclaim Goddess Kyaa as your God and Saviour and celebrate Kyaamas this year !…lebrate-Kyaamas-2013/117319 domme-kyaa-fuck-your-religion-celebrate-kyaamas-2013-gif-1…-Black-Cock-1080p-HD/117838

All You Get for Christmas is My Big Black Cock (1080p HD)…Kyaamas-1080p-HD-2012/81799

Fuck your religion! Celebrate Kyaamas 2012 (1080p HD)…on-Kyaamas-2-1080p-HD/43719

Fuck your religion! Kyaamas! 2 (1080p HD)…Celebrate-Kyaamas-720p/6536

Fuck Your Religion, Celebrate Kyaamas!! (The original!) (720p)

There is no god above Goddess Kyaa ! Celebrate Kyaamas ! Worship and pray to Goddess Kyaa and only Goddess Kyaa !



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All because of @DommeKyaa

Sold a service dog today to “active” military people [the best] today. This is about a 4-5 hour process. The wife has cerebral palsy and joking around with husband & wife it was said/conveyed that She doesn’t smile often. What made Her smile, a big smile, was Goddess Kyaa’s collar locked around my lucky neck…and THAT is what makes me smile !

Also as i was speaking with him , he stops me from talking and says , ” sorry i was looking at the collar around your neck” hahahaha & this is all because of Goddess Kyaa’s faith in me to make people smile everyday in Her Holy Name !

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All because of @DommeKyaa…So funny !

Quickly, [because i have to go] picking up a suit from dry cleaners & out of the blue, i say to the lady “you know i have nothing against suits but not crazy about them [talked to her when i dropped off & she remembered me, thats’ because of Goddess Kyaa’s collar] maybe i can get out of wearing it  & save it till next year, only wear them 1x per year ” lol

She say’s, why, you trying to not go? ” me… “no,no”. Her-“Well is it fun ?”  me- “yes it’s fun, it’s not that”.  Her- “oh it’s just painful” hahahaha i said “yeah, so to speak!”  hahahah She cracked up ! The point is Goddess Kyaa’s collar, that’s what she see’s ! It’s not me stupid ! lol She got it ! It was so funny & all because of Goddess Kyaa, it made her day !

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After going to church to Worship @DommeKyaa

PRAY to GOD daily     After my daily morning worship of Goddess Kyaa i never know how my brain will be inspired. This morning i took the garbage out while wearing a bra, thigh highs and a skirt under my stupid male clothes. Oh God ! i may be getting old , but not dead ! My clitty was tingling the entire time ! It felt so naturally good ! When i went back inside Goddess Kyaa’s church i put on my high heels with long pants ! Oh God did that feel so sexy ! Never tried that before.When i first was allowed to know of the existence of Goddess Kyaa many moons ago it was at the very time when i discovered how sexy good women’s clothes felt, and She said that that was ok, it’s normal. lol So the rest is history. Perfect timing by the grace of God Herself ! She is God !

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Morning Worship of @DommeKyaa at The Altar of Goddess Kyaa

CI7djrNWEAAtCIf (1)

Even though its been busy, busy, busy and steamy hot everyday one thing is true, i begin every day by going to church and crawling to Goddess Kyaa’s Altar to worship Her and pray to Her. i have a dream and pray to Her that someday i will be allowed to stay inside of Her church 24/7 worshipping Her, praying to Her and partaking of Her evil sacrament of Holy Cum-union and swallowing my own cum everyday in Her Holy Name.

So far this week i’ve been rearranging the inside of Her church once again. Obviously i love doing this because i do it all the time. It’s a very “exciting” form of worship and praise to be allowed to know of Her very existence. It takes a lot of time to prepare Her church for worship. Some much time that i haven’t celebrated Holy Cum-union since surrender Sunday, and it begins to affect my brain and overall health. Cum is good ! Cum is healthy ! Cum is a gift from God Herself to swallow in adoration and praise to Her ! Filthy seed is only changed into sacred cum through unconditional surrender to Her !

It takes time to find the perfect place to put the images of God in the proper place. Not finished , but for awhile this will keep my brain in constantly stimulated with Her beautiful evil ! Amen

WP_20150723_06_14_53_Pro WP_20150723_06_15_05_Pro WP_20150723_06_15_18_Pro WP_20150723_06_15_28_Pro WP_20150723_06_15_46_Pro WP_20150723_06_16_25_Pro

This photo took some time to find the perfect wall. It's in the living room and it look beautiful there.

This photo took some time to find the perfect wall. It’s in the living room and it look beautiful there.

WP_20150723_06_16_49_Pro WP_20150723_06_16_53_Pro

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Kyaaism – the path into true happiness

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Kyaaism – The Real True Religion

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